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About Storage IQC

Established in 2023, Storage IQC, LLC revolutionizes third-party storage management with a focus on expertise and personalized service. Led by industry veterans, we offer comprehensive management solutions for entrepreneurs seeking hassle-free commercial real estate investments.


Our tailored services include facility management, consulting, marketing, and sales training. With a dedication to detail and client satisfaction, we prioritize strategic planning and transparent partnerships, ensuring maximum profitability for each property. At Storage IQC, we're passionate about excellence and committed to delivering results, making us the go-to choice for self-storage management needs.

Our Team


Ron Baksa

Founder and Principal

With over 28 years of restaurant sector experience, Ron excels in roles ranging from Executive Operations Manager to Founder of a third-party facility management company. His expertise spans driving efficiency, enhancing customer experience, and fostering team dynamics across 145 locations. As Founder of Storage IQC, LLC, Ron integrates restaurant industry skills into storage management, focusing on revenue generation, marketing, talent, and community engagement. His empathetic leadership style creates a culture of value and inclusivity. Beyond work, Ron prioritizes community involvement and family time, cherishing travel for lasting memories. At Storage IQC, Ron's expertise drives success through strategic initiatives and high-performing teams, ensuring unparalleled value for clients.


Glenn Pickrell

Founder and Principal

Glenn's professional journey is characterized by a commitment to excellence, transitioning into the storage industry after successful roles with companies like Papa John's Pizza, Ace Cash Express, and PLS. As COO of Storage365 Management, LLC, he expanded the company to manage 14 stores across 5 states, culminating in a strategic sale for over $200 million in 2021. Now, as the Founder of Storage IQC, LLC, Glenn pioneers boutique-style third-party management, overseeing 16 properties generating $7.2 million annually. His leadership emphasizes results-oriented strategies, team engagement, and customer-centric culture. Glenn's holistic approach to life, balancing family, leisure, and work, underscores his effective leadership style, while his broad skill set and dedication continue to shape the storage industry's future.


Chris Wood



Bruce Chisholm


In the dynamic realm of Storage IQC, LLC, Chris Wood and Bruce Chisholm are distinguished members of the Operations Team, collectively bringing over 18 years of industry experience and a proven track record of success. Chris's six-year leadership journey encompasses managing 15 storage facilities across three states, focusing on operational excellence and customer satisfaction. Bruce, with over 4 years in self-storage, has progressed from manager to district manager, leading teams to enhance sales and profits at underperforming facilities. Together, Chris and Bruce excel in leading engaged teams, delivering outstanding customer service, and driving business growth through strategic leadership and analytics. Their shared commitment to operational excellence and customer service ensures continued success for Storage IQC, LLC.


Visionary Leadership


Commitment to Excellence


Proven Expertise


Nationwide Reach

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